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The Naughty List

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A comedy world premier from national award-winning Michigan playwrights John and Ellen Young
As the story opens... Jack Junior (JJ for short) and his mom have to abandon a nice suburban life and relocate to a tiny apartment in inner-city Philadelphia when Jack Senior decides he wants a new family. On moving day, JJ learns that their new home is located in a rundown mansion that has been divided into small apartments, and is occupied by a diverse cast of peculiar characters: an old codger named Huckleberry, a bully and his psychotic grandmother, a master thief, a straying husband, and a Russian spy -- all watched over by a building super who dwells in the basement ‘dungeon’.
With his life in turmoil, JJ struggles with why bad things happen to good people (like he and his mom) and bad people never seem to get their just rewards. Noting that "No one gets lumps of coal in their stocking anymore!”, he decides that Santa has gone soft and put too many bad people on the “nice” list, and he vows to make sure that the many seemingly naughty people in his new life get their lumps.
Through JJ’s madcap, misguided and ineffective attempts to exact vengeance, he learns how difficult it is to, not only make people pay, but even just figure out who really is naughty and nice. Meanwhile, with the onslaught of JJ’s lumpings, the alienated apartment dwellers are bonded together into a family.
This comedy is an experience you will never forget. Come join us. See you there!

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