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Pandora's Inn
Christmas Outside the box

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Pandora’s Inn is the saga of five friends who conspire to create the Christmas of a lifetime but, instead, let loose a tidal wave of troubles.

The story begins on Thanksgiving Eve when the friends (including a tech wizard, an “off-Broadway” actor, and a former military officer) gather for their annual reunion at Kenny’s tavern.  This year, however, their get-together is overshadowed by tragic news, and as a result the gang decides that they will have to squeeze a lifetime worth of Christmases into the approaching holiday season.
And so, drawing on each of their areas of expertise, and determined that they will be a part of Christmas this year and not just Christmas watchers, the friends devise a three-fold plan for the perfect Christmas: Operation Santa, Operation Scrooge, and Operation Stable.
Pandora’s Inn, an old abandoned hotel outside town – which some say is magical – becomes the staging ground for their plans. However, as soon as they begin checking into the inn, their carefully laid out plans all begin, one-by-one, to go horribly wrong, until finally it seems that only a miracle can salvage Christmas.

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