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Rachel's Reward
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Q: How long is the play?
about 2 hrs with cookies and drinks following the show.

Q: Is Rachel's Reward appropriate for children and teens?
Yes, several 8 and 9 year olds watched and understood it in previous years. There is one scene where a Roman Centurion hits a slave, but she is not hurt much from it and there are some scenes with dramatic anguish about the death of loved ones and the depiction of a murder with some blood visible.   Childcare is also provided for nursery and toddler ages.

Q: Is Rachel's Reward just another story about the birth of Jesus?
No, Rachel's reward focuses on the people behind the scenes during the Birth, life and Death of Jesus Christ.

Q: Are you accepting donations?
We will pass the donation plate only during the Sunday performance, but donations will be accepted. Please make them out to Stone Haven Free Methodist Church.   Look for the box near the cookies.

Q: how can I learn more about Rachel's Reward?
Visit the resources section of the website, the information there can help you dig deeper into the story.

If you have more questions please email

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