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Rachel's Reward
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The streets of Bethlehem have become packed with refugees and there’s no room in the Inn. It’s 35 years after the birth of Jesus and two years after his death.  Events have been set in motion which challenge the centers of power and cascade throughout the land.
In the midst of the madness, four friends, now middle-aged, are reunited at the inn. Over three decades earlier, as teenagers, they had witnessed the most important event in human history. Together again, reliving those memories, they realize just how much their lives have been affected by that experience – for three it has been a blessing, for one a curse. For all of them, though, their lives are now at a crossroads.
The Nativity was far more than a quaint moment frozen in time. Through the eyes of four ordinary friends caught up in extraordinary events, we discover the dynamic story of Christmas. And as we witness how the saga continues to unfold through their lives, we discover the meaning of Rachel’s Reward.

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